HeaBee jeebeez!

So the hubdub and I were busy bees for the past two weeks trying our hand at game development (char!)  The hubdub discovered Gamesalad, a game software which doesn’t require coding (great news for us designers). He started to develop his version of Flappy Bird. And since the wife is a bee, he made it into a flapping bee! hahaha!


He developed, I designed, the kiddo tested. And its kid-approved! It was a hit with my nephews too. So, here’s our own flappy bird clone called HeaBee, because this bee is beeri heaaabeee :D

This is a web version for now. Hopefully, if you like it, we’ll develop it for iOS. If you find any BUGS (pun intended!), click reload on your browser and try again. If not, let us know. Enjoy! :D


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G.O.T Tribute

A few days ago, the guys from Folk Fiction hosted a Medieval themed event in celebration of the premier of the Game of Thrones 4th Season. Me and some of my illustrator friends who happen to be GOT geeks ourselves were invited to exhibit our fan artworks that day. It was a one day event so all geeks and fans came out to play :)

Here are some of the artworks exhibited that day. You’ll also find more here. artworks_together1 Continue reading

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Christmas project

Being a working mom is never easy. You barely have time for yourself that at the end of the day, you are dead tired. What I can do before, I can never do now that I am a mom.  But for the last 2months last year, I’ve made myself more busy doing something that I’ve always wanted to do. For a long time, I’ve always wanted to do a christmas card for family and friends. And I did. :)

The easiest part was when I’m already doing it. Painting away peacefully. I’ve missed it!

Tambolbee_Cards_IG Continue reading

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Making Waves

I have always been a busy bee (you can tell from the lack of updates in this blog), but the last 2 weeks was the busiest. At the last minute I was assigned to form a creative team of students for a project. This is for a local competition organized by Mega Cebu. The competition’s brief is to make an AVP that showcases Cebu at its finest. There are 6 categories and we have to make a video for each. Originally, the school was only assigned to do only 2 categories due to time constraints. But it didn’t make any sense to me and to the whole team to make only 2 videos. In my Art Direction class, I have always demanded CONSISTENCY. To me, it is one of the most important things in design. So we decided to make all 6 videos. We just had to!

I am very very proud to say that we pulled it off. In a matter of 2 weeks, we were able to organize everything that needs to be done. I sure hope they didn’t think I was monstrous, giving these kids creative direction and guidance, haha! (but they told me i wasn’t though) It was a tough 2weeks for all of us, the students having to shoot photo and video, illustrate and animate 2D and 3D motion graphics. This bunch is the Dream Team of the University of San Carlos – Fine Arts department, others would say. And truly, they are. They were very calm under pressure, making fun of each other and theirs me, panicking most of the time like any other mother would hahaha! Kudos to the Fine Arts Team from USC! You nailed everything down to the tiniest details! GREAT JOB, Team! Mother hen is super proud of you.

Check out the videos below but first please like the videos over here, so you can also help us win the Viewer’s Choice Award. We plan to win this all the way! To anyone reading this, and if you did what I just told you, many thanks!

Please watch in HD.

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